Business Training

We help organizations move forward by providing them straightforward business training in optional formats, including courses, workshops, ebooks, and audiobooks.

We are available for in-person and virtual training and workshops including contract course delivery.

Start your journey with our new course Business Basics for Beginners (BB4B) which is available as both an on-line, and in-person course. The modules include introduction to: Accounting and Finance, Contracting and Procurement, Human Resource Management, Business Continuity Planning, and Regulatory Obligations.

What students are saying:

It was so wonderful to attend the course, quite a few things I learned during those 6 hours. Your delivery pace was perfect. You allowed time for participation and also provided real life examples that were very helpful.
(Sonika B.)

I think this class was very great for getting an idea of the things you would need to know if starting a business for the first time! I definitely learned some new things and got an idea of what all it takes. (Abbie C.)

Informative and engaging, Dan does a great job of deep diving on intimidating topics and breaks them down to fully digest and understand the information. Thank you again Dan for the time and opportunity! (Kira S.)

I have to say that the course it’s been pretty good. The key points are well explained and with the resources/exercises everything turns even better to get to understand and get more in deep of any module. (Marco B.)

It was very good. It explains the initial elements of what you will need to know before you move on to the more complex processes of a business. (Trevor C.)

***Coming Soon: Business Basics for nonprofit and public service organizations. Same subjects but additional content specific to Nonprofit and Public Service.

We have several video courses on the Udemy learning platform including:

Business Basics for Beginners.

What’s the Plan – An introduction to Business Continuity Planning

Designed as an icebreaker/teambuilder event for your business meeting/workshop/training, individuals will also learn a great deal just going through the questions and answers on their own!

Write to us for more information on the program including customizing for your specific needs.

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