About Us

Dan Elliot is a Chartered Professional Accountant who in addition to holding senior management positions for many years, also served as a military aircraft mechanic, a volunteer emergency services worker, and combined these experiences working with vocational training in a federal penitentiary system.

Shawn Elliot served as a Human Resources Officer specializing in staff recruitment, selection, training, and development.

Both Dan and Shawn worked as course instructors at management and leadership training centres, and are business owners.


Dan’s work experience includes:

  • Twenty-five years as an accountant including private industry, nonprofit, and the Canadian federal public service, where as a Comptroller for seven years, was also responsible for contracting and material management.
  • Three years as an operations manager of vocational trades training programs in the Canadian federal penitentiary system.
  • Three years as a course instructor teaching accounting, contracting, human resource management, and leadership.
  • Three years as a taxation auditor.
  • Sixteen years combined experience as a volunteer fire fighter and search and rescue team member, where he served as a search manager and team leader.
  • Five years as a military aircraft mechanic.

Shawn’s work experience includes:

  • Sixteen years in the Canadian federal public service, where she held various positions in recruitment, selection, staff training, and development.
  • Three years as a teacher training new human resources officers, and newly appointed managers, in the area of staff selection.
  • Created and administered a leadership development program.
  • Three years as an agent for the Canadian federal employment insurance program.

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